The Great Richard Yates

Richard Yates is an American fiction writer who was born in 1926 and a native in New York. He died in 1992 at the age of 66 when he was on the Birmingham, Alabama which is his previous residency. He wrote 9 titles of prize-winning stories including his first novel which is entitled as Revolutionary Road which began to appear in 1953. The above-mentioned masterpiece was nominated for the National Book Award in 1961.

Revolutionary Road was made into a movie in Hollywood and was starred by great actors in this era such as Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. When the movie was released in 2008, the works of forgotten genius Richard Yates underwent a rebirth and became once again famous. His eight other works are amazing and have great stories too like his first one.


Where To Buy Richard Yates’ Vintage Book?

Today, there are not many stores where you can buy his collection but still, there is an authorized online and physical store where you can buy one. Some of them even have a small garage yet with a Duct Sealing Tempe, an energy efficient space where it makes it comfortable to browse all your favorite Richard Yates’ vintage books. Amazon is one of the online stores where you can find vintage books online.

Blake Bailey, one of the most amazing authors in this era, has celebrated the prime of the late Richard Yates. He released a book entitled A Tragic Honesty: The Life And Work Of Richard Yates in 2004. It was the best selling book in that year until today. Now, people are finally remembering the works, skills, and knowledge of him through Bailey’s work. You can refer also to this if you want to know more about Richard Yates.


Why should you read Yates’ books?

In Richard Yates’ books, you can learn things from the past. Well, of course, there are countless books that we can read where we are going to gain a lot of knowledge. Even if you have read only one good book in your life, you will know what reading effects on you. It has the power to retain subliminally in the mind. It gives you nothing but pleasure. While there is no doubt about the fact that there is no better activity than reading, experts have observed that the habit of reading has declined in this generation. The reason for this is the growth of technology.

Most people still don’t have any ideas about the benefit of reading. Like I said earlier, it gives knowledge. Books are sources of information. Whenever you read a book, you learn a new information that not everyone knows. A good reading helps your brain. According to studies, reading has strong positive effects on the mental health of a person. This is why you should start your training your child to read books as early as you can so that later on your child will develop it as a habit and he or she would earn a positive outcome. Reading can also reduce stress, improves your imagination, memory and many more.

We hope that you’ll remember Richard Yates and his collection of books. We hope that you’ll take your time to read those. We assure you that they are all good and worth reading. We are also hoping that you will encourage yourself and your child to read right now and develop it as a good habit. Some of the best of Richard Yates is Disturbing the Peace, Young Hearts Crying, Cold Spring Harbor, A Special Providence, The Easter Parade, and Eleven Kinds of Loneliness. These books are really interesting and relaxing.


There is just as much you can learn about a certain individual in one lifetime

There is just as much you can learn about a certain individual in one lifetime – the great thing he has done, his adventures in life, the wonders he brought unto other’s lives and the likes. With the emergence of the world wide web, researching significant people have become easier and faster.

The downside however is that, finding a legitimate site to tell you truthful information is also a challenge. This is why, we have collected all information relevant to researches regarding the talented Richard Yates for his supporters and fans.

The Site

At, you are free to explore all the reference materials we have provided to get the most legitimate information regarding the American fiction novelist himself. Everything is up for grabs for FREE. All you need to do is to register. It would only take just a minute of your time, and all these wonderful reading materials would be accessible by you.

Many of these reading materials are not found elsewhere and are exclusive only to this site. Some are not even widely published, while others are rare finds. Check out his first novel, Revolutionary Road here which had also become a finalist for the 1962 National Book Award and a basis for a movie starring Leonardo DiCarpio and Kate Winslet. You could also find here a list of his short story collection which gathered much applause from his readers.

All references here are in different files you could use for online reading. Some are not downlodable due to the restriction set by the copyright on some books. However, we included the contact numbers of authors you could contact for permission, and more information.

Currently, everything is in digital format. But the members of this organization are planning to create an establishment where Richard Yates’ fans and supporters could gather to check out his works and memorabilia. In fact, we have already chosen the place where we could set this up. This would be in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Everything about the place is a reminder of this brilliant author.

Even the garage has been transformed into a library to accommodate the comfort of visitors. Just the other day, a new contemporary garage door has been installed for protection of this newly converted room by our organization’s favorite Tulsa garage door service.

This will open soon. So for all of you who wants to know more about the life of Richard Yates, check out our bulletin for more information. We welcome your enthusiasts in paying tribute to this legendary fiction writer.

The Richard Yates

Richard Yates was born on February 3, 1926. He died 66 years later on November 7, 1992 of Emphysema. During his 66 years of existence, Yates was remembered to be a good writer who had produced influential articles that created a difference in the world. He also wrote several short stories, but he was well-known in his fiction novels.

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