About Us

Richardyates.org is a community of scholars and professionals who banded together to form an association that pays tribute to the one and only Richard Yates.

Richard Yates was an American fiction writer who wrote many works that wowed his audience. Although his works were not very mainstream during his lifetime, its brilliance and creativity were recognized through various nominations and awards. One of his works, Revolutionary Road, even made it to the big screen and became an Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winning film in 2008.

Why Richard Yates?

We have been asked this question time and time again. There were many equally brilliant writers and novelists then and now, but why did we choose Richard Yates?

Why not? We pondered on this question several times already and we kept on reaching the same conclusion. Somehow, we’ve managed to recognize that although his works were brilliant, most of it are underrated.

Before it is forgotten, and worse, the remains buried, we want to take time to bring forth to the world the beauty of his works. We want to introduce him again to the generations today and revive the vitality if his works. We do not want to waste what he had achieve by putting it on the back seat when his works deserve to be the subject of discussion. Finally, we want his memories to be alive in the hearts of his supporters.

There are no financial gains from this. No profit that would fill our pockets. What’s in for us is the fulfillment that somehow, we managed to achieve this goal. In fact, through the foundation we have established, we hope that somehow we are already several steps towards succeeding in our mission. We do believe that this is possible through hardwork and cooperation among the members of this organization.