Richard Yates Foundation was established in 1994 by his friends and supporter to pay tribute for this writer’s extreme brilliance in his writings and  compositions. It was a concept developed as a group, but it was the leadership of Ronald Osborne which built the institution from scratch.

Now, what started to be a small organization has developed into something bigger and far-reaching. The recipients of this foundation are not anymore confined within the city. In fact, since 2015, we have already granted educational assistance to aspiring writers from 16 countries outside the North American Continent.


The Richard Yates Foundation is a huge believer that writing bridge communication gap among people. It is through writing that people are able to express themselves emotionally, mentally, and socially.


The mission is to provide physical, emotional, mental, social, and financial support to aspiring writers who have no access to formal education and the necessary aid for them to succeed.

Todate, we have already granted assistance to more than 15,000 individuals since the founding of this organization. Many of which have pursued their passion in writing – some did non-fiction novels, others fiction like Richard Yates himself. There are also individuals who pushed through with academic writing, and scientific researches which give meaning to the world.

What’s New?

Richard Yates Foundation in the last few years, with the directive of the Ritz Budoir, planned to expand in other aspects of providing assistance to those in need. Right now, the plan is already in its first stage of execution with the recipients being the family of war veterans.

The goal is to provide a viable mean of support to the family especially in terms of education and livelihood. Richard Yates was a war veteran himself, serving during the World War II.

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